Epson’s patented individual ink cartridges give you quality, reliability and value

Epson uses individual ink cartridges across its entire inkjet printer range. With individual ink cartridges you only have to replace the colour used, saving you money. With combined colour cartridges, you may end up throwing away the entire cartridge when just one colour runs out, meaning you also throw away any ink remaining in the other colours.

TÜV Rheinland, the independent, international testing house, analysed the efficiency of individual ink cartridges against combined colour cartridges. Their tests showed that the ink savings from using individual cartridges can be as much as 37%, when compared to combined colour cartridges*.

Combined colour cartridges
Individual ink cartridges
With combined colour ink cartridges you replace the whole cartridge, meaning you could be throwing away unused ink.
With Epson individual ink cartridges you only replace the colour used, saving you ink.

* Average difference in ink efficiency compared to printers with combined cartridges. Laboratory tests on documents conducted by TÜV Rheinland.


Some things just work better together. That’s why Epson offers the complete printing solution of printer, ink and paper. For sharp everyday printing, and longer-lasting glossy photos, only genuine Epson ink and media guarantee the best quality for your Epson printer.

“Single-ink cartridges have advantages in comparison with multi-ink cartridges regarding the ink efficiency!”