For label printing, Epson has the right answers
Why is the Epson digital label press a better choice than analogue presses?
The Epson SurePress L-4033A offers numerous advantages over analogue presses. Most important is its ability to handle short run label printing quickly and efficiently, while providing greater flexibility and excellent colour quality. You’ll be able to service your customer base even better, offering a wider range of printing solutions, with just-in-time production to meet tight schedules.
Surepress workflow
How will this label press increase your flexibility?
You will be amazed at how much more flexible your operation will become when using the L-4033A. Make-ready time is reduced and substrate changeover is quick and efficient. Operation is simple and maintenance requirements are minimal, therefore promoting greater productivity.
How will this label press increase your profitability?
You’ll be able to boost profitability because short run jobs become cost effective. In addition, operating costs are lower due to less paper and ink waste. What’s more, initial investment cost is very reasonable.
What new Epson technologies make this a superior label press?
Encompassing the print head, inks and many internal mechanisms and functions, Epson’s latest print technologies ensure superb quality and smooth, reliable performance. Our Micro Piezo inkjet technology and six-colour pigment ink system combine to deliver quality and reliability to the highest standards.
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  • Eliminates the complicated and lengthy make-ready times required for analogue presses.
  • The printing process is simpler and maintenance requirements are also greatly reduced.
  • The digital process eliminates the common analogue problem of plate mis-alignment, which wastes media and ink, and takes time to fix.
  • More economical and environmentally friendly because no chemicals or plates are used in the pre-press process and virtually no material is wasted during make-ready.
  • Touch-screen panel makes operation extremely easy.
  • Epson water based pigment ink has good adhesion on a variety of substrates with no pre-treatments necessary. These include film and paper label stock, with rolls from 80 to 330 mm wide.
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